How to Clean a Saltwater Pool

Pool maintenance services are always nice to have available, but with a bit of time and the right tools, any homeowner can easily go about cleaning or opening a saltwater pool themselves. Here are our tips on how to clean and maintain a saltwater pool:

Keep That Filter Running

Though you by no means need to keep the filter running 24 hours a day, as any pool maintenance services company will attest to, trying to cut back on filtration with a saltwater pool in particular is a big "no-no". In order for any chlorine to be added to the pool, the filter must keep running. Cut back on the filtration time too much and you'll undoubtedly end up with algae.

Check the Salt Level

Though a saltwater can mean less maintenance, the key to successfully running one is to make sure that the saltwater levels are properly maintained. Failure to do so means that no chlorine will be produced, which will knock the pool water chemistry off balance and lead to a number of problems in a short period of time.

Clean the Chlorine Generator

When cleaning the pool, it's important to check the chlorine generator or salt cell. Mineral deposits can develop on the cell plates and will need to be removed so that the generator can work efficiently.

Clean the Pump

The salt of a saltwater pool can easily become stuck in your pump's water filter, and unless properly tended to, the salt can build up and crystallize. The result: an inefficient or completely destroyed pump. Double check to ensure that the pipes are carrying water to and away from your pool, and that they are cleaned out every 3 to 4 months so that the salt doesn't crystallize.

Scrub the Pool

This is particularly important if your pool has a liner, as the salt can eventually dry it out and cause it to become brittle. It's a good idea to scrub the sides and bottom of the pool every 4 weeks or so to help maintain your pools appearance. An anti-salt solution can also further protect any pools with a liner.